Why I like Thai People/culture/Land?


by a Lucky Farang... 

Well, apart from Beautiful Beaches, Tantalising Tastes, Warm Weather, Superb Shopping, Dynamic Discos, Sensational Smiles, Breathtaking Beauties , Kinship kindness….  



........ I like Thailand because........

Most Thai Golf courses have a kiosk every three (3) holes for a Beer and the Caddies always smile and "show" faith in my golf, my singing and my humour!  
I admire the authentic culture of Thai family and kinship and Thai Society Thii Tum Thii Soorng (you can find out what that means in our page on Thai Culture

I prefer

·       hot weather and the thought of enjoying a beer even when it's raining.

·       The food, the attention in Care, the Smiles, the Patience, the Calmness.

 Kon Thai
Kon Farang
 shake hands
I don’t have to wear a helmet to ride a bike !

The majority of Thai genuinely volunteer to

·       Care!

·       Smile more often than not!

·       Frequently demonstrate acts of politeness

·       Avoid aggression and/or intimidation

·       Respect their Elders, Employers and most other people and things

·       Encourage encouragement

·       Support a philosophy (a way of life) that encourages the above
I can teach a child respect and be respected
it's not so much an opinion, more my experience .. from travelling  but "what do I know".......
30/03/09 A Thai friend (khun Fa'Sai) said: "I care in my thought and respect the right of others". If your not sure then "Mai Ben Rai"