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Sister Joan

Sister Joan, a religious Sister from the Western Australian Congregation of Presentation Sisters, has been working in Bangkok’s Klong Toey slum area since 1991. Her tireless efforts focus on helping community members with their basic needs through the provision of food, education and healthcare.

The area is otherwise known as "The Slaughterhouse Bangkok".

2010-10-30 we sister Joan , as 76 y.old retired Nun from Perth West Australia, we discussed our interest to promote her misison and planned to come back next week to discuss the concept.

Our vision
1. create a link to WA for donations of clothes and money
2. offer our visitors from WA the option to volunteer their time during their visit to Bangkok, to join in the Community service or a tour option (max 2 people per time) with Sister or her helpers to visit the area and meet the kids.
Unfortunately the meetings for that week were cancelled as we waited for a response from the Aus Embassy Bangkok (it did not come for 10 days) and we had to return to WA.  The wait for the Embassy was to see why yet another visa for our staff has been refused.  It's critical for our Bilateral projects to have tour team (Aus and Thai) interacting in both Countries (I think that's pretty obvious if you are genuine about your objectives).
15/11/10 we discovered a support group "helping hands", in Bangkok, have a "Cooking class tour" in the Community of Sister Joans' work, we added the details to our tour Popular tours www.exectoursbkk.thaibis.com/bangkok/tours-bangkok/popular-tours and will visit them and report more.
Our 1st tour group of Aus Biz execs departs from Perth WA 28/11/10, the tour group is organising donation of clothes to bring, we now as TG or provide luggage allowance to bring the donation of clothing.
20/11/10 our 1st tour group - we have updated the tour schedule to confirm the day we present a donation (kids bikes, clothes and money). Everyone is looking forward to the experience to met Sister Joan and do our little bit. We hope to make this a regular event and build on this to generate support.  watch this space!!!
01/12/10 Our tour Group "Aus Biz Execs" meet Sister Joan in Bangkok. She is a very busy lady (can't believe she drives in Bangkok). Sister Joan was on standby at our Teambuilding event, we handed over our donations and charged out for our "Amazing race".  Link to Forum article 1. Sister Joan   2. our Tour
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